Web Conversation with Dr. Kasia Uzieblo

Although psychopathy is receiving more and more intensive study in many parts of the world, most studies focus on understanding the causes of psychopathy or examining whether psychopathic traits predict criminal justice outcomes. Very few studies have directly addressed the impact of people with psychopathic traits on other people.  However, Dr. Kasia Uzieblo, Ph.D., is changing that. She is one of the leading researchers on the social impact of psychopathy. Dr. Uzieblo is a Senior Lecturer and researcher at Thomas More University College and Visiting Professor in Forensic Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, where she teaches in Forensic Psychology and Family Violence.

In the web conversation Dr. Uzieblo shares with Dr. David Kosson the details of two different research studies she carried out, focusing on the socially related characteristics of psychopathy. More specifically the two studies examined the impacts that people with psychopathic traits have on their intimate partner relationships and their parent-child relationships.

Please note that the video conversation was a live working discussion, which is at times reflected in the quality of the video. Thank you.

Click here to view the web conversation.


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