Resources for Victims/Survivors

Ask the Expert: Q & A with Dr. Stephen Porter

Dr. Adelle Forth, Carleton University, sent several questions to Dr. Stephen Porter, University of British Columbia- Okanagan. He answered these questions (see below) with help from his graduate student, Pamela Black, with whom he has studied psychopathy and victim-spotting. What are the factors that make people more easily duped by psychopaths?  As part of the […]

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Criminals with psychopathy show impaired cognitive empathy

According to Brook and Kosson (2013), an empathic interaction between people is comprised of three different types of exchanges, emotional, motor and cognitive.  While the emotional and motor components of such an exchange allow individuals to share feelings and mirror each other’s movements at a subconscious level, the cognitive component of the exchange allows individuals […]

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What traits are associated with psychopathy?

Psychopathy is a disorder that manifests through a pattern of antisocial behaviors.  These behaviors commonly include a complete disregard for the rights of others, selfishness, and lack of empathy. More so than most of us, psychopathic individuals are often very good at altering their presentation.  As a result, the disorder may not be initially apparent. […]

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