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Church Leaders Workshop

Church Leadership Conference:  Be a Soul Survivor:  Bully Island Edition   St. Catharines, ON, Canada January 24, 2013 1pm – 6pm Bullying is a prevalent concern in society today.  Church communities are not immune.  Join us as we investigate how to recognize bullying, explore strategies for dealing with this destructive behaviour and discover how to […]

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What traits are associated with psychopathy?

Psychopathy is a disorder that manifests through a pattern of antisocial behaviors.  These behaviors commonly include a complete disregard for the rights of others, selfishness, and lack of empathy. More so than most of us, psychopathic individuals are often very good at altering their presentation.  As a result, the disorder may not be initially apparent. […]

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Affinity fraud: do psychopaths target specific groups of people?

Individuals with psychopathic traits are often attracted to affinity groups – religious, political or social groups of people who share common values, beliefs or interests.  The collective trust that members of these groups have in one another and their common belief system provides a perfect cover for the person with psychopathy.  The psychopath has an […]

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What is the difference between psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissistic personality disorder?

Psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder are separate psychiatric disorders that have slightly overlapping symptoms. Sociopathy, however, is an older, outdated term for what is now called psychopathy. Unfortunately, the differentiation of these widely-used terms has caused much confusion among the general public and mental health professionals alike. Part of the problem lies not in differentiating […]

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Is Psychopathy Genetic?

Genes play a significant role in the development of psychopathy. However socialization and other environmental factors interact with genetics, so genes are not the only determinant in whether one has psychopathic traits. Studies on the heritability of psychopathy have focused primarily on identical twins (100% shared genes) and fraternal twins (50% shared genes).  One study […]

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