Reasons to Support the Aftermath Foundation

The Aftermath Foundation was created to provide help to people in traumatic relationships with psychopathic individuals and to inform the public about the nature of psychopathy and its cost to individuals and society.

People with psychopathic tendencies not only create havoc in the lives of their victims, but often also effectively manipulate court personnel and therapists in order to escape detection and/or further their malfeasance.

When you support the Aftermath Foundation you contribute to several specific initiatives:

  • We help people who are in traumatic relationships with psychopathic individuals by referring them to mental health and legal professionals trained to identify the specific features of psychopathic individuals and help survivors to recover.

  • Your donation supports the training of professionals to help them to reduce the damage inflicted by psychopathic individuals. Unfortunately, many court professionals and even many mental health professionals do not receive sufficient training in psychopathy that would enable them to help people in relationships with such individuals. So far we have conducted a variety of different workshops for different kinds of professionals and have trained nearly 400 family court professionals, therapists, clergy, etc. to deal more effectively with psychopathic individuals.

  • Your support helps us to provide grants to junior scientists conducting ground breaking research seeking to understand and reduce the negative impact of individuals with psychopathic traits. To date, we have awarded three grants to graduate students in North America and Europe.

  • Last, but not least, your support helps us to inform the public regarding the nature of psychopathy and its cost to individuals and society. There is more to learn, but, by publishing accurate information about what is already known about psychopathy, we help people to

    • recognize the behavioral patterns that may suggest psychopathy as soon as possible,
    • protect themselves, 
    • escape from abuse,
    • and prevent further traumatization.

If you understand the impact of psychopathy, or if you are in a position to help, we encourage you to help us accomplish our goals.

  • Make a donation to the Foundation.

  • Become a member.

  • Become a volunteer.

  • Renew your membership.

  • Join eScrip so that a small portion of your regular shopping can benefit us.

  • Select us on Amazon Smile and do your Amazon shopping from Amazon Smile. It is an easy way to support the Aftermath Foundation when you shop.

  • Consider buying one of the books in our bookstore. We receive a small contribution from books purchased on Amazon through our bookstore.

  • If your workplace has an employee charitable giving program, please consider whether you can add the Aftermath Foundation as one of the charities for which employee donations are matched by the company.

  • Tell others about psychopathy…… Spread the word…… Help us make a difference!
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