Mission and Accomplishments

Aftermath Mission

The Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation is dedicated to educating the public regarding the nature of psychopathy and its cost to individuals and society.

We seek to support the families and victims of those with psychopathy.

We support research that aims to: prevent or minimize the development of psychopathic traits, reduce the impact of psychopathic traits, and understand and treat the aftermath of psychopathy. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the negative impact of psychopathy on the families and victims of psychopathic individuals.

Educating the Public

Educating the public about the nature of psychopathy continues to be one of the Aftermath Foundations primary purposes.  We recognize the importance of providing the public with accurate research based information that conveys a clear picture of psychopathy. The Aftermath Foundation website continues to be the primary vehicle used to provide the public with reliable, current information about psychopathy.  One of our primary foci in 2015 has been upgrading our website and expanding the information it provides. (See website report) The Aftermath website had 113,361 unique visitors in 2015 with a total of 153,114 visits.   In an effort to address the cross cultural and nationally diverse nature of psychopathy, Spanish, Turkish, and German
translations were added to the website. 

During 2015 two web conversations were provided for members of the Aftermath Foundation. In January 2015 Dr. Robert Schug discussed ‘Neuropsychology, and the Unsuccessful and Successful Psychopath’ and in May 2015, Dr Paul Babiak presented on the topic of ‘Corporate Psychopathy’.

Individuals who have been affected by someone with psychopathic traits need a safe place to share their story and dialogue with others who have been impacted.  Our moderated Survivor’s Forum provides that secure place. 

Aftermath has developed workshops for counselors, lawyers, judicial / family court staff, and clergy help to educate them about the nature and impact of psychopathy. The major focus in 2015 has been to begin to develop an online course for professionals.  Through these workshops, we increase the likelihood that professionals will be able to recognize some of the harmful behaviors that characterize individuals with psychopathic traits, determine when formal psychopathy assessments are warranted, and deal more effectively with people with psychopathic features.

The Aftermath Foundation Media Award is given by the Aftermath Foundation Board of Directors to recognize outstanding contributions toward public education regarding the nature of psychopathy and its impact on victims and family members of psychopathic individuals. The Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation 2015 Media Award was given to Jeremy Torrie for his documentary, The Psychopath Next Door.  The documentary premiered on CBC’s DocZone in November 2014 and was aired again in June and September 2015.

Supporting Families and Victims

Individuals impacted by psychopathy frequently find it challenging to find people who can knowledgeably answer their questions or suggest resources that may assist them on their road to recovery. In 2015, we responded to 59 requests for help from people in nine different countries. These responses provide information about resources (including resources on the website and links to other organizations) and, when possible, referrals to professionals (counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists) who are familiar with psychopathy.

Supporting Research

To date, the Aftermath Foundation has provided research grants to three different young researchers working to conduct research consistent with our mission. In addition, we support researchers by allowing them to recruit participants on our website.   In 2015 we provided researcher Kai Lee Chung with this recruitment opportunity and we are pleased to feature her summary report. (Link to research report)

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