Workshop Report 2013

Aftermath presented four workshops in 2013. The first two were presented in St. Catharines, Canada. The title of the first workshop was “Red Flag Behaviors: How to Discern those Individuals that Display Them and Learn How to Intervene before They Wreak Havoc in your Community.” It was presented by Dr. Jill Ricke in January. This presentation was part of a one-day workshop for church leaders in Canada. The second workshop was presented to members and associates of the Niagara Coalition to End Violence Against Women. The reviews for both presentations were excellent.

The third workshop was at the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) annual convention in Los Angeles, CA in June. The title of the workshop was “The Impact of Psychopathy in the Legal System.” It was presented by Dr. Jill Ricke and Dr. Robert Schug. This was the second time that this workshop was presented to this organization. Due to the excellent reviews from the presentation in 2012 they gave us the last slot in the program in efforts to keep attendees at the convention. The attendees consisted of attorneys, judges, and mental health professionals. The reviews were again excellent from the attendees this year.

The fourth presentation was in Chicago, IL in November. The title of that workshop was “Psychopathy: What Court Appointed Special Advocates Need to Know.” It was presented by Dr. Jill Ricke and Dr. David Kosson. The attendees consisted of attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems (GAL), GAL’s in training, and college students from the local university. The evaluations for this workshop were excellent. One thing we have consistently found when presenting these workshops is that we have more information than we have time to present, so that, moving forward, we are seeking venues that permit longer workshops. Also, as we plan for future workshops, we would like to expand the audience to include more mental health professionals.

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