Financial Information

Total Income $ 4,427

Total Expenditures $ 8,316

Financial information

The Aftermath Foundation is primarily a volunteer organization. We employ a part-time administrative assistant who has been dividing her time between helping victims and families (approximately 85%) and other administrative needs of the foundation (approximately 15%).

Prior to 2013, we were funded largely by an anonymous donation of $25,000 received in 2011. In 2013, we received $4,427 in revenue. Our revenue came primarily from member donations (63%) versus other donations (37%).

In 2013, our total expenses were $8,316. Fifty percent of our expenditures were incurred in responding to requests for help from individuals impacted by those with psychopathic traits. Administration and overhead accounted for 24%, providing workshops, for 23%, membership in nonprofit support organizations, for 2%, and website expenses, for 1% of our total expenses.

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