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The Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation is one of the only organizations in the world that is dedicated to increasing our understanding of the impact of people with psychopathic traits on others and to trying to reduce this impact. In contrast to some websites, we focus on what is really known about psychopathy, and we take seriously the need to avoid hype and unfounded statements.

We believe that the nature of traumatic relationships with psychopathic individuals is not widely understood, and there is an urgent need for more research addressing what makes these relationships so devastating for many people, as well as for understanding the factors that help people to recover from abusive relationships.

  • We present summaries of important research in terms that people without professional training can understand.
  • We present workshops to professionals to help them cope more effectively with psychopathic individuals they may encounter in psychotherapy, in courtrooms, in churches and synagogues, and in the workplace.
  • We try to match people with therapists who have experience in assessing psychopathy and in working with victims and survivors.

In almost all cases, social and organizational policies are not designed to deal with people who do not play by the rules, and it will take time to change policies to help people defend themselves more effectively when they are targeted by those with psychopathic traits.

Although we are doing what we can, we know we need to do more. This is a big job, and we are a small organization!

If you understand the impact of psychopathy, or if you are in a position to help, we encourage you to donate to the organization – to help us accomplish our goals.

  • Become a member.
  • Renew your membership.
  • Join eScrip so that a small portion of your regular shopping can benefit us.
  • If your workplace has an employee charitable giving program, please consider whether you can add the Aftermath Foundation as one of the charities for which employee donations can be matched by the company.
  • Tell others about psychopathy…… Spread the word…… Help us to make a difference!

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