Aftermath Radio: “Evil Eyes: A Daughter’s Memoir”

This week we are joined by Cherylann Thomas, author of the book, Evil Eyes: A Daughter’s Memoir. Cherylann contributed this blog entry:

I wrote my book, Evil Eyes, A Daughter’s Memoir, for myself, initially…to journal my life path which was upside down up until the day my parents died. I was raised by pathological parents, and if that wasn’t enough, my stepfather sexually molested me. I was not believed by my mother or siblings about the molestation and the denial was the single most hurtful abuse my family inflicted upon me. My father was diagnosed as a psychopath, pathological liar, and habitual criminal by the time he reach the age of 20. My mother was not diagnosed but shared so many of the same traits of my father I suspect she was either a serious malignant narcissist or a psychopath herself. She was cruel beyond any words I could write. I was raised to hate myself and wanted to die too many times to count. I was unsuccessful at my suicide attempts and I can only say divine intervention must have saved me! I realized that God wanted me here for a reason and wasn’t going to let me go and so I gave up trying.

I pulled all of my stories together in a manuscript and decided to publish my book to show others they may not be alone. If my story can help other’s learn the term “NO CONTACT” with psychopathic people…if I can help give lost souls the courage to walk away while realizing nothing you can say or do will make them love you — then this book has been worthwhile. We cannot change people without souls. They are charming and initially “too good to be true” but they are really impostors of people! We love but they cannot – any more than they can grow an arm.

I hope my book reaches everyone who has been hurt by a bully, abuser, psychopath, narcissist, or sexual predator. I pray that by reading my book people who share my pain will become empowered and learn to love themselves and go on to live happy, healthy lives with people who really do care about them. We deserve it!

Thank you Dr. Schug, for giving me the opportunity to interview with you on this all too common, but secret, subject.

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