Web Conversations with Psychopathy Experts

Web Conversation with Dr. Robert Schug

Neuropsychology is the branch of psychology that examines behavior in specific situations to learn about the functioning of the brain. Dr. Robert Schug, Assistant Professor of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Forensic Psychology at California State University, Long Beach, spoke with Dr. David Kosson and Aftermath Foundation members about some of his research on neuropsychological functioning in individuals with psychopathic traits.   Dr. Schug, in collaboration with Dr. Adrian Raine, Professor of Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania, examined neurocognitive behavioral abilities in individuals with psychopathic traits who are relatively successful versus in individuals with these traits who are less successful.

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Web Conversation with Dr. Paul Babiak

The recent economic slowdown and transitions that companies are going through are creating a favorable environment for corporate psychopaths. This was just one of the issues raised by Dr. Paul Babiak at the Aftermath Foundation’s Web Conversation on May 19, 2015. In his talk, Dr. Babiak, a leading industrial and organizational psychologist and co-author of ‘Snakes in Suits – When Psychopaths Go to Work,’ provided an overview of the modern-day corporate psychopath.

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