Resources for Victims and Survivors

Here we list some of our resources on psychopathy as well as resources for coping with individuals with psychopathic traits.


Newest Resources:

The Devil Lurks in the  Suit

Psychopathic Traits and Reactive and Instrumental Violence among Young Female Offenders


Additional Resources:

What Is Psychopathy?

Is it Sociopathy or Psychopathy?

A Primer on Psychopathy

What “psychopath” means: It is not quite what you may think

How Can I Deal with a Person with Psychopathic Features?

The Aftermath of Psychopathy as experienced by: romantic partners, family members and other victims

Can psychopathy be successfully treated? 

Is psychopathy genetic?

From soap opera to science: Towards gaining access to the psychopaths who live among us

Neurological Basis of Psychopathy

Are they (psychopaths) aware of their condition?

How do psychopathic individuals choose their victims?


Additional resources are posted on  the Research page and on our  primary page of Resources

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