Impact Statement

People who are in relationships with psychopathic individuals are often traumatized. The damage can be physical, emotional, financial, relational, and spiritual.  The Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation was created to provide help to those in relationships with psychopathic individuals. Our approach is multifaceted:  we support those negatively affected by psychopathic individuals, educate the public about psychopathy, teach professionals how to deal more effectively with this population, and support research aligned with our goal of minimizing the negative impact of psychopathy.

We accomplish our mission through multiple strategies.  To assist those dealing with psychopathic individuals in their lives, we maintain an online support group where people can ask for support and advice from others who have had similar experiences. We also provide referrals to mental health professionals who are knowledgeable about psychopathy.

To help professionals, we teach educational workshops designed to increase the understanding of psychopathy, addressing common features, behaviors, and challenges associated with the disorder.  We tailor this information to help professionals working in clinical or legal contexts.

Further, to increase general public awareness and correct misperceptions, we provide factually correct information about the nature and impact of psychopathy.

Finally, we provide grants to graduate students conducting research on psychopathy in order to generate new knowledge about psychopathy that could potentially affect public policies related to psychopathic individuals.

Findings show our efforts have been successful in terms of educating and supporting those affected by psychopathy.  Psychologists, judges, and attorneys who participated in our workshops have reported that the information presented was informative and valuable. The average workshop participant ratings showed a score of 4.46 on a 5 point scale, indicating that we successfully met objectives.  Our website has also been instrumental in providing education and support to those affected by psychopathy.  Since the creation of the website, over 2000 people have registered to participate in the online support group. In the 2nd quarter of 2012, our site had over 15,000 unique visitors from over 110 countries.

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