Giving Tuesday at the Aftermath Foundation

Regardless of how you have gotten  here, we welcome you and thank you for your support. To help people to  understand in real terms the impact of people with psychopathic traits on others, we are posting here two stories based on actual people and a video in which we share several red flags signaling the possibility that someone may have psychopathic traits.

To read Joan’s story, please click here.

To read the story of Nina and Jeff, please click here.

Your generosity makes a difference: you are giving a helping hand to people like Joan and Nina – a hand that helps a person who is struggling with the devastation of encountering a psychopathic individual to stand once again on solid ground.

We celebrate your striving towards mitigating the aftermath of psychopathy: your courage makes this world a brighter and safer place. Please, take an action in the spirit of Giving Tuesday and give.

Thank you!

Dr. David Kosson
President, The Aftermath Foundation

P.S. And here is the Giving Tuesday GIFT we’ve made FOR YOU: a video, where I discuss the ways in which people with psychopathic traits present themselves, as well as some red flags signaling that someone may have psychopathic traits.


View the video

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