Considering the Aftermath Foundation in Your Estate Planning

If you believe that the work of the AFTERMATH FOUNDATION is important and if you, like us, believe it will take more effort to educate people about the risks inherent in interactions and relationships with psychopathic individuals, we hope you will consider the AFTERMATH FOUNDATION in your estate planning.

If your own life has been affected by someone with psychopathic traits, then you already know how much damage can be done by one person who is not bound by conscience or a sense of fairness or by deep attachments to others. Of course, we want your top priority to be recovery and rebuilding your life. But if part of your planning for the future includes estate planning, then we hope you will consider us.

If you have children and families, then you may well believe that nothing is more important than looking after our families and loved ones while we can. If your families have been impacted by someone with psychopathic traits, then you may want to consider helping us to educate people about the nature and impact of psychopathy, so that fewer families are hurt by psychopathic people in the future. If you are fortunate enough to have open communication with your family members, and are considering AFTERMATH in your giving, they may already respect your wishes to act on this.

Sadly, for others, even the deepest relationships are damaged or permanently severed by a person with psychopathic traits. In these circumstances, caring for “lost” loved ones may not be possible directly, and a decision to bequeath estate funds to AFTERMATH may be the strongest message of hope you can leave for them. Your final wishes may become a signpost to a better life for them.

For those with children or grandchildren, your final wishes may help to inspire your loved ones to learn more about psychopathy, and encourage them to explore the resources and services offered by the Aftermath Foundation. This guidance will enable them to better protect themselves by reducing the likelihood that they will be manipulated, deceived, or abused by someone without compassion or empathy. By including AFTERMATH in your estate legacy, you can contribute to a better future for many people.


For those who wish to include the AFTERMATH FOUNDATION in their estate planning but have questions about possible language, please click here to see sample language for making a bequest.

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