Book Store – Born To Destroy

Born To Destroy by Winifred Rule.  Foreword by Carl B. Gacono, PhD, ABBP.  With additional analyses by Tom Karski, JD.  Published by The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 2013 (English version), 2014 (Russian version).  ISBN-13: English: 978-0692208199; ISBN-13: Russian: 978-5768811006. ” Winifred Rule’s Born to Destroy, the story of her psychopathic mother and psychopathic […]

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Book Store – Evil Eyes: A Daughter’s Memoir

Evil Eyes: A Daughter’s Memoir, Cherylann Thomas, Xlibris Corporation, 2011, 302 pp. (ISBN-13: 978-1465335937)”This book is a must read for anyone with psychopathy in the family and for professionals who work with psychopathic individuals, victims and family members. As an expert in psychopathy and the family, I can attest to the importance of this work.” […]

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