Resources for Victims/Survivors

The aftermath of psychopathy as experienced by: romantic partners, family members and other victims

by Linda S. Hartoonian-Almas and Liane J. Leedom, M.D. Psychopathic individuals take the lives of their victims, at least figuratively, sometimes literally. The aftermath of victimization by a psychopathic individual often impacts every sphere of a person’s life. Victims are harmed psychologically, emotionally, physically, financially, and socially.  The devastation can be far reaching.  Since victimization by […]

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What “Psychopath” Means: It is not quite what you may think

by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Ph.D. and Hal Arkowitz, Ph.D. (Reproduced with permission. © 2007 Scientific American Inc. All Rights Reserved.) We have all heard these phrases before. “Violent psychopath” (21,700). “Psychopathic serial killer” (14,700). “Psychopathic murderer” (12,500). “Deranged psychopath” (1,050). The number of Google hits following them in parentheses attests to their currency in popular […]

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A Primer On Psychopathy

by David S. Kosson and Robert D. Hare The concept of psychopathy or psychopathic personality has been around for a long time under a variety of different names and with several different but overlapping definitions. The first conceptualization usually linked to the modern concept of the disorder was Philippe Pinel’s description of manie sans delire, […]

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