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Ask the Expert: Q & A with Dr. Stephen Porter

Dr. Adelle Forth, Carleton University, sent several questions to Dr. Stephen Porter, University of British Columbia- Okanagan. He answered these questions (see below) with help from his graduate student, Pamela Black, with whom he has studied psychopathy and victim-spotting. What are the factors that make people more easily duped by psychopaths?  As part of the […]

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Volunteers Sought for Research Study

Hello. My name is Courtney Humeny and I am a PhD candidate in Cognitive Science at Carleton University. I am recruiting adult survivors of a heterosexual romantic relationship with a psychopathic individual to participate in an online study. Please see below. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at […]

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One Woman’s Story

Written by Winifred Rule, author of Born To Destroy.  My mother and sister display high levels of psychopathic traits.  Living with them enabled me to see their entire personalities—not just what the psychiatrist or psychologist sees at the opposite side of the desk.   They sought to destroy me whenever possible.  Their strategy came in the […]

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Psychopathic Traits and Emotional Regulation and Aggression

Individuals who have more psychopathic traits are more likely than nonpsychopathic individuals to engage in aggressive behavior (e.g., Porter & Woodworth, 2006). This aggressive behavior can be split into two subcategories. The first is impulsive aggression, which typically occurs when the aggressor reacts violently in the midst of a situation involving anger, in the absence […]

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