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Call For Nominations: Aftermath Media Award

The Aftermath Foundation has established the Media Award to recognize outstanding contributions to the understanding of psychopathy and its impact on victims and family. The media award is given to those who produce works consistent with the mission of the Aftermath Foundation.  The award recognizes diverse media, such as documentaries, videos, audio presentations, and books, […]

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Links Between Psychopathic Traits and Social Motivations

Past research has reported that individuals high in psychopathic traits tend to form atypical social relationships with others. Those high in psychopathic traits tend to have shorter relationships with friends and significant others, and have placed less value on long-term relationships. Despite these findings, little research has examined what these individuals do value in their […]

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Ask the Expert: Dr. Scott Lilienfeld

We have recently added an Ask the Expert response from Dr. Scott Lilienfeld, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor at the Department of Psychology, Emory University. He discusses how he got involved in the area of psychopathy research, what are some common misconceptions about psychopathy, what defines ‘successful’ psychopaths, and other topics. Go to ‘Resources’ to find the […]

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