Aftermath Foundation 10th Anniversary – Three Videos

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been ten years since Dave Kosson invited a small group of survivors and researchers to work with him to create a foundation dedicated to support those who have been victimized by a psychopath!

The early days were filled with long conversations and big plans and dreams.  The to-do list seemed endless and grew out of many brainstorming sessions — what needed to be done — the steps to take — so many steps on the long road toward turning a good idea into a reality.

Along the way, volunteers offered their help and expertise in a variety of areas.  Organizational, governance, financial and legal questions needed to be answered.  Clearly we needed to develop and build a comprehensive website with resources, educational material, and a forum for survivors to share their experiences and to learn from them and the wisdom of others.

The website would be our portal and personal connection with those out there who had experienced destructive interactions with psychopaths in their lives.  It was only through a donation from a very generous, anonymous benefactor that we had the seed money to actually build and publish our Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy website.  The response from the public has been amazing and we continually serve visitors, Forum participants and Members from all across the globe!

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and help us to transform the lives of people who have been hurt by individuals with psychopathic traits.

The original work group evolved into our Executive Committee and Board of Directors and continue to grow with new volunteers. Our task list has expanded exponentially, so much so that we created several sub-committees (who meet weekly) to better focus on all of the many details of a now officially-recognized “non-profit.”

With the help of many volunteers and supporters, we have developed an organization that allows us to post a great deal of accurate information about the nature and impact of psychopathy. Moreover, we have developed workshops that allow us to educate therapists and legal and judicial professionals about the nature of psychopathy, so that they can provide adequate support to victims, without succumbing to the manipulations of psychopathic individuals. And last but not least, we have often (but not always) been able to refer victims of psychopathy to trained mental health professionals – we still have a lot of work ahead of us

Our website has outgrown its original server and we need to embark on a major migration to a much bigger, faster, more efficient site. Plans are in place and first steps have been taken, but there’s much to do and many additional costs that lie ahead.  On the eve of our 10th Anniversary, as we take the next big step, it’s important to acknowledge the work and dedication of our Volunteers, Members, donors and friends who got us this far!

Thank you all!

The Aftermath Foundation

Over the next month, the Aftermath Foundation celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary with a series of videos which will focus on the Foundation’s accomplishments over the last decade, debunking popular myths of psychopathy, and providing tips on how to protect oneself more effectively from people with psychopathic traits. The link to the first video is below.

If you don’t want to miss the next video, please use the form on the right side to Sign Up for Aftermath Updates, and we will let you know when it’s up.

Our first anniversary video




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