The Aftermath Foundation Media Award

The Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy Foundation 2015 Media Award was given to Jeremy Torrie for his documentary, The Psychopath Next Door in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the education of the public about psychopathy and its impact on victims and society. The documentary premiered on CBC’s DocZone in November 2014 and has been aired again in June and September 2015.

The Aftermath Foundation Media Award is given by the Aftermath Foundation Board of Directors to honor those who produce works consistent with the mission of the Foundation.  This award recognizes outstanding contributions toward public education regarding the nature of psychopathy and its impact on victims and family members of psychopathic individuals.   What made The Psychopath Next Door so outstanding is that it is not about the violent or necessarily criminal psychopaths --- rather, it focuses more on psychopaths in personal and business relationships, with an emphasis on what to look for in their behavior as well as their negative impact on victims.  Its entertaining and engaging artistic approach is balanced by current science and research presented in an easy-to-understand style. The Psychopath Next Door is a strong educational piece and avoids all of the sensationalism that often plagues other films on this topic, earning it this year's Media Award. [Click here to learn more about the Aftermath Foundation awards]

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